Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Japanese drug store cutesy

Some of you lovelies may already know it from earlier entries- I love browsing through drug stores, especially in Japan! 
I can easily spend hours looking at all the stylish beauty goodies- which I do unless I'm in non girly company... Even if I end up buying nothing, it's still fun to inspect the cutely designed products and displays~

Nutritious hand cream~ cutest presentation ever 

Nail care essence treatment~ tiny gel patches for nice nails & cuticles. 
Contact lenses solution in limited Rirakkuma packaging.
Tooth cleaning sheets... 
Facial cleansing lotion~ limited Disney Princess edition with original cotton rounds
More mangaesque cuteness...
Sailor Moon "slim pencil eyeliner"
~ Waaant!!!
As you can see below, I didn't leave the store empty handed this time: "Little Witch Moteliner", eyeliner for sensitive eyes in dolly brown, pastel pink nail polish & a tiny accent eyelash curler- 
mini reviews coming soon

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Late puchi pink blossom post

It seems, blogging just isn't a priority for me lately... sorry, dears But I'm back ギリギリ in time for a super late sakura post. 

I just love this season in Japan so much- the whole country seems to turn in powder-puffy-pink dream wonderland

All the shops are well stocked with cute, pink goodies~

Sakura time usually means spring time and it's finally warm enough to enjoy some yummy snacks outside~ 

Unfortunately, this year's spring arrival was a rather chilly one but again, fast food chains and cafes brought out cherry blossom themed snacks just in time. 

The cherry blossom float was nice but
 it had a slightly chemical aftertaste...
 Savory sweet Sakura & Teriyaki Burger.

Securing a window seat with a nice view is nearly impossible during Sakura season in busy Tokyo- so I always make sure to take my blossom filled pics before entering the cafe... *sigh*

There are many other options to enjoy pink goodness still~

I highly recommend the above mini cheese cake set as a pressie to bring from Japan (available at Shiseido Parlour, Ginza). The art deco design of the box is just too cute. It contains 3 tiny, dainty and fluffy treats, which taste wonderfully like sakura.

Finishing this rave post with my latest beauty haul: sakura flavored lip gloss and sakura hand cream. The mini cream tube is a Korean product though... I really love the light texture and it just fits my "current" pink mood perfectly

Thank you for reading