Wednesday, 18 December 2013

kawaii kurisumasu~

is it that time of the year already? As some of my lovely blog readers and dear friends may know- I love the holiday season and for now and in future I' ll always try to be home for Christmas.
As I've written before, Japanese Christmas lacks that very special warm and cozy feeling you may know since your childhood days ... I' ll never get used to that missing Christmas spirit. - And I promise, even if you haven't really gotten homesick yet, during december it's unavoidable  

low calorie Christmas cake option ^ω^
- in Japan Christmas is rather a couple/ date thing...
- But Japan never fails to get you in the right holiday mood, providing loads of Christmassy cutesy around every corner:

So even if you are far away from home- enjoy kawaii winter wonderland and all the kirakira deko with newly found friends and a cute Japanese Christmas cake