Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mini snack review ~ Maxim macha latte

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Hi lovelies Long time no read,
How do you enjoy summer so far? Seems like in Japan, we've still some cloudy days ahead until rainy season will be over ...

The best thing to do in either case of weather horribleness, is to enjoy a nice, sugary beverage in a cozy coffee shop~ don't you agree, dears? One of the most popular coffee drinks in Japan is macha latte and I'm happy that it's becoming a beloved treat in other countries more and more~ *yay* macha access all over the world...

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Don't worry, if the weather is not that cozy or if you're just to busy to visit your favorite coffee shop- in Japan you can find plenty of "uchi cafe"(at home cafe) goodies, just like the "Maxim macha late be-su", which I'm reviewing today.

As the name implies, it's a syrup-like macha base, individually sealed in small cups. The whole pack contains 5 portions, which can be poured in any regular (milky) coffee beverage or just mixed with pure milk. I got it for about ¥200 at Donki.

It's not as "macha green" as on the package, but it's quite yummy, not too sweet, maybe a tiny bit too bitter for my taste. 

Anyways, if there's any macha addict among your family or friends, this would make a great pressie to bring from your next Japan trip.

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