Saturday, 11 May 2013

May Bride~❤

Nyaa~ I can't believe I didn't post for this long. Please bear with me dears... I'm just so busy with work and with preparing for my move to Japan

Not only for me this a busy season but also another professional branch might be just as occupied~ the lovely, patient wedding planners (all those I know are...).
"June Bride" is huge in Japan, the best time of the year for the most important event in life. The weather is just mild and sunny, rainy season is over and the horribly humid summer still far away - a bit. 
And since May is mostly equally lovely and national holidays are summing up to the infamous "golden week", many couples decide to go for a "May bride wedding"

I'm scheduled to attend a few weddings this year and if you ever get invited to a Japanese wedding, a little spectacle is what you can look forward to.
Maybe even a bit more than in other countries, weddings are used to show off a family's status and are preferably organized in the most pompous way. An impressive industry provides everything to hold a "royal wedding":

- cute European style castles and chapels are only build for wedding purposes:

Those lovely building are often integrated in a complex building or area with various ceremonial halls and ballrooms, so that several weddings can take place at the same day.

Multi-course dinner is a popular option at Japanese weddings, just as Japanese fusion cuisine.

- Bride and Groom sport at least 2 different outfits, but 3 wardrobe changes are not a rarity either. Lately a cute and modern kimono style is gaining popularity.

Japanese weddings are usually every bit as glamorous as they are costly and a money gift of not less than 30.000~50.000 Yen is expected of every guest. And be prepared for maaany speeches of oji-chans, friends and coworkers... long speeches ... usually held before dinner ... *sigh*

But overall it really is a nice experience and opportunity to understand Japanese lifestyle.

That'll be all for today, dears.

Thanks for reading