Monday, 25 February 2013

February peek

 Hello dears 

I don't like february- in Germany it's the coldest time of the year. No big fashion choices at minus 15 degrees celsius... 

Japan has a milder climate, but the houses are often poorly isolated, hence staying indoors or outdoors doesn't really make a difference and everybody gathers around tiny heaters and kotatsu tables (the frame of a kotatsu has an integrated electric heater and is covered by a heavy blanket). 
During my exchange year in Hiroshima, I experienced my first Japanese winter. It was snowing for the first time in a decade. We were not allowed to wear tights with our school uniform and everybody was freezingI keep remembering that, when I see Japanese girls sporting "bare legs-mini skirt-styles" in winter. 
Nya~ enough with the whining- february in Japan also has its pros, like yummy seasonal dishes or you can visit famous places, which are not as crowed as usual 
Here are some february pics:
Asakusa Sensoji 
no idea, why this ojichan is in the pic
yummy temaki sushi filling 
trip to Nikko, which is famous for its beautiful...

...shrines & temples
aw~ a kitty is the guardian spirit of this shrine
Nikko is quite a magical place~ I wonder, if Totoro lives here...
Bye dears and thanks for reading