Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mini snack review ~ Kewpie tofu bolognese

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Hi lovelies

today I'm reviewing a product of a popular Japanese company- Kewpie is probably best known for its mayonnaise...
...and its cute baby mascot.
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The mayonnaise was first launched in 1925 and is beloved and praised ever since. Japanese foodies and expats all over the globe will proudly tell you, that "Kewpie-mayo" is the yummiest of its kind ,while happily snapping away the last bottle of the asian super market shelf in front of you 

Personally, I think that's a tiny bit exaggerated, but anyways- getting crazy over food is a common thing in Japan.

While searching for interesting Japanese snacks for the dearies in Germany, I found "Kewpie's Gu no Sosu" on sale in the grocery section of a drug store. It's basically a tofu-mixed, multi-purpose bolognese sauce. Like shown on the package, it can be used as filling for onigiri or as an easy topping for your bento.

I used it to make "Ja-ja-men"-style pasta (Japanese bolognese, orinally Chinese noodle dish). It turned out really yummyThe balance of tofu and red soy bean paste is just right and it tastes quite close to freshly made -really recommended for super busy people.

If you would like to try it, but have no access to the original product, just add the right amount of the typical Japanese seasonings (sake, mirin, soysauce, dashi, miso & ginger) to your basic bolognese recipe. 

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  1. awesome recipe ^^v
    my hubs is nuts about the mayo XD he can`t live without it and puts it in absolutely everything. ^^; go figure. japoonian food crazies are not to be meddled with..i have learnt most painfully. XD
    have a great day ^^/


  2. so yummy <3

    do you want to follow each other?
    visit my blog ^^

  3. Wow Looks so delicious!
    I always love Japanese Mayo, super oishi!!

    Thanks for sharing Dear <3

  4. There's Kewpie mayonnaise here too, but it's quite expensive (;o;)
    I would like to try Ja-ja-men-style pasta one day (´▽`)

  5. Oh dear, yummy food everywhere! お腹すいたww
    I love bolognese, so I may try your suggestion!

  6. Dankeschön :)
    Und ich habe meist keine Lust den Kommentaren zu antworten. Ich habe eher keine Lust zu bloggen. Meine Motivation ist weg :(


  7. Hey :) Dankr für deinen tollen Kommentar <3 Hab mich echt gefreut und er hat mich ein bisschen aufgeheitert :)

    Meine Eltern sind wirklich streng, wenn es um sowas wie alleine Reisen geht(obswohl ich mit 2 freundinnen reisen würde). Was ich schade finde, wil es zeigt wie wenig sie mir vertrauen. Aber ich kämpfe schon Jahre dagegen...vllt ändert es sich, spätestens mit 18 :D
    Ich habe aber gehofft das mein Vater mitkommen würde, aber er scheint nicht wirkliuch gerne nach Japan zu wollen ;_;
    Obwohl er keinen wirklich Grund nennt, am Geld würde es nicht scheitern.

    Wenigstens glaubst du an mich~ <3

    Wenn ich so viel leckeres Essen hier lese freue ich mich nich mehr auf Japan :D

  8. okay, unfortunately this looks really icky to me. But then, the Japanese do love their mayonnaise.

  9. that actually is the best mayonnaise :D the food looks so yummyy! <3