Friday, 7 December 2012

Vainies on the plane

Hi lovelies, are you enjoying pre-christmassy days with lots of gingerbread, cookies and present hunting? 
I'm back in Germany, doing all these things together with my family and friends- and of course with Teddy. It's his 3rd Christmas in my home country already and still very exciting for him *awws* 

Teddy took this blurry pic of me in front of my dad's house
~ my hair looks so dark *sigh*

It's so cold- you just have a hard time, dressing fashionable in a scandinavian country. Oh and don't even let me getting started on the hair... 
nya~, it's hoodie season anyways ... 

Speaking of vanity related stuff, recently, one of my friends asked me what toiletries I would bring for an air plane ride...
As you might know, only 500 ml are allowed, so I just focus on necessities, I personally need to feel comfortable (so far as it is possible on a cramped, noisy plane). Aside from essentials, like a mini tooth brush and a little pack of wet tissues, these are my favorite travel items:

my must have travel kit minis: dry shampoo, hyaluron lotion, bb cream,
 eye drops, hyaluron & collagen lip balm, foundation for delicate skin  

I have very delicate skin and eyes, so moisturizers and eye drops are very important to prevent redness. Dry shampoo is also very recommended to fluff up your bangs after a long flight 

What are your favies to avoid post-travel zombie looks?


P*s*: Oh, and dears, thanks for the award nominations and tags. I'm always so happy and honored, that you think of mePlease don't be mad, that I post about it rather seldomly. I just don't have time to do a lot of entries atm *sniff*    


  1. Oh! I think it's a very good idea to use dry shampoo after a long journey. I'll do it next time! (^ω^) Thanks for your tips☆

  2. Schön, dass du Weihnachten in Deutschland verbringst :) Ist ja auch am schönsten mit der Familie!

    ich hab jetzt von verschiedenen Personen gehört, dass Weihnachten in Japan ganz und gar nicht sein soll wie in DE, sondern ohne das ganze Chrismas-feeling. Stimmt das? ^o^

    Wie lange bleibst du? :)

  3. thanks for the tips, i always look like shit when travelling :'D

    there is a cute giveaway on my blog, have a look! :3
    Stella's Giveaway~

  4. Thank you for sharing, it's usefu! ^^

  5. Great blog!

  6. I also prefer spend my christmas with family, it's nice that you came back for the occasion!
    I love your house =O

  7. Das Haus sieht so toll aus! Das erinnert mich ein bisschen an das von meiner Granny. Und auf diesem Bild erinnerst du mich an eine alte Freundin :)
    Danke :)<3

  8. Definitely agree about the eyedrops! I didn't know what I was missing until I started using them. Enjoy Christmas!

  9. Awesome post, dear. Love it!

    Visit my blog when u have time and maybe we can follow each other.

    Many kisses!


  10. Wish you a great Christmas and enjoy a great time there with your family Dear~ <3

    Love the products they all look so cute! ^-^

  11. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    *Now your newest follower via greader! :)