Thursday, 8 November 2012


Oh my~! Already two weeks since my last post. I hope you've been well dears
- As for my part, I've been incredibly busy.
It was basically like this: ... ... ... ... 
So no time for much online activity. I still managed to read and comment on some of your lovely bloggies, though.
At the moment I'm preparing for another work related trip to Europe. Fortunately, Teddy will come along again. (Haven't done the packing yet, leaving tomorrow...) This will be a little foretaste of Christmas holidays. 

I didn't take so many pics lately, but anyways, here are some everyday glimpses:

We prepared some German dishes when visiting Teddy's family. I made everything bite sized (except the meat, which was already a mini version of salted pork leg.-this is a Bavarian dish actually... my hometown in Germany is more northerly located by the way). Teddy's little niece loved everything despite being a picky eater *yay*

We got rewarded with this homemade raisin bread by her mom. It was quite impressive.

click to enlarge
Another purchase of itty bitty stickers to decorate Christmas cards and my nails. I'm quite addicted- why must Japan be such a cutesy paradise *sigh*  

Now, I've to return to my packing...

Bye Bye and thanks for reading as always 


  1. Ooooh viel Spaß dann in der alten Welt XDD
    Die Sticker sehen so süß aus, hier sind Sticker nicht so schön und nicht wenn, dann total teuer :(
    Ich muss auch noch Weihnachtskarten anfangen zu schreiben^^
    Die Kleine auf dem Foto sieht ja soooo süß aus*_*

  2. Yay, you're back! I can't believe you cooked all that, it looks gorgeous! :9

  3. The food that you prepared look so delicious and your mom's raisin bread must be yummy~ <3

  4. The food you cooked looks yummy!
    The bread looks delicious, too (^Q^)
    I'm also addicted to cute stickers (;;)! hahaha

  5. the bread looks yummy and i good luck with ur packing :)

  6. The food looks super yummy, you must be an wonderful cook ^^

  7. those stickers are so cute!
    and the bread made me hungry -_-
    and if you made all the food yourself, you have my respect!

    I'm following you now! :3
    Stella's Ice Age

  8. Nun habe ich wieder einmal hunger o:
    Das sieht so lecker aus ?!! *-*
    Was ist das genau vor dem kleinen Mädchen ?
    Und ich habe dich getaggt <3 Mehr dazu auf meinem Blog :D

    Dankeschön :) <3 Heute war auch ein sehr guter Tag ! Ich bin gespannt wie es morgen wird..