Thursday, 22 November 2012


Whoa~ I'm just back from Brussels and already preparing for another trip. This time nothing work related, but to visit the lovelies back home in Germany
Did you know that Brussels is not only famous for its architecture (believe me, after some years in Tokyo's concrete jungle, you are going to miss the beauty of European cities)

and chocolates (sorry, no pic this time, I ate them all before I could dig out my camera)but also for antique toys?

Brussels toy store display. nyan nyan  
Yay~ Christmas holidays- I'm so much looking forward to it. 
Don't get me wrong, Tokyo is very nice, glittery and "christmassily" decorated, but it just lacks the warm, heartfelt spirit and traditional treats I always get homesick during this season despite being really ok on other times. 
The christmas cakes here are very cute, anyways. Just like those of one of my favorite buffet places:

Oh, I've noticed, that I confused some of you with my "Diary climpses" entry. This series is not "set" in present days, but gives a little glimpse of my first year in Tokyo. I wrote about it earlier, but didn't explain in that particular post. Sorry dears. 
So, I'm not jobbing at a bar like I did during my student days at Tokyo Mode Gakuen. I'm a make up artist, working in the high fashion field.   

That'll be all for today. バイバイ~~~


  1. Ich würde am liebsten Weihnachten in Kanada verbringen, mir so viel Schnee !! <3 Und Weihnachtsbaum und der Familie. Hier in Hongkong feiern Weihnachten eher die Teenager..

    Die Pasteten sehen lecker aus o:
    Deine Frage beantworte ich auf einem Extrapost :)

  2. Awh I can feel the Christmas vibe!!! It looks beautiful!

  3. It seems you had a nice time in Brussels (^-^)
    I don't like cakes very much but Japanese cakes look so cute!! I love their designs ☆

  4. Oh yeah I was a bit confused but I understood it later when I read the other text! ^^ Anyway please keep sharing your expiriences of your past adventures in Tokyo too! and also it would be lovely to hear about your job more, coz it sounds like a dream job! <3 <3

  5. Awww, they look delicious, but too much strawberry (I'm allergic orz)
    Brussels seems to be a very beautiful city! And I totally know what you mean, I live in a small city in Portugal, but it feels warm and lovely, specially in Christmas time! (・∀・)

  6. Sorry for the intrusion again, but I nominated you for some blog awards


  7. Ja das stimmt. Begleitet dich dann dein Freund? Ich fliege dieses Jahr nicht nach Hause.. Ist mir etwas zu teuer .

  8. I can't wait to see more pictures of you travelling Dear~ <3

    Wow the buffet cakes I must visit some day!! =D

  9. Sweet Paradise! The cakes are gorgeous!!

  10. I hope you liked your stay in Brussels!! <3

  11. I hope you enJoyed your stay in Brussels! ^_-