Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumn droplets

Finally autumn found its way here- moving in surprisingly with some horrible storm a few weeks ago.
Teddy already speaks of winter melancholy (rather jokingly). What a romantic *sigh*Actually, we have to consider many things at the moment, like whether to live in Japan or Germany in future...  
And since we will be in Germany for Christmas, we are really looking forward to the Scandinavian winter and the holiday season 

Well, but autumn comes first right? Here are some current pics: 

Aren't these socks so cute? Just perfect for chilly autumn days. I found them at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. 

With the end of the annoying summer heat, I regained my appetite. When in Tokyo, be sure to have lunch at this Chinese buffet at Lumine Est in Shinjuku. It's very yummy and and not too expensive- about 1700¥ for 70 minutes. 

Actually, I wanted to try out this cake cafe on the same floor, but Teddy and the friend, who joined us wanted to eat something "real", so we went for savory lunch this time (as if cake wouldn't be something real)  Fortunately, the buffet place offers a small range of mini desserts (sorry, I forgot to take pics this time).

I'm always looking for cute Japanese snacks to bring for German friends and family. These are my favies at the moment. Ebi sarada senbei- they taste like shrimp salad.

That'll be all for today dears. Oh~ not forgetting the award/ being tagged again by some lovely fellow bloggers. 
Thank you so much, I'll blog about it soon