Friday, 28 September 2012

Mini snack review ~ mini pastry gummy

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Some month ago, on my trip to Nagoya (read about it here), I got this candy as kind of a substitute, because I didn't manage to try the real version 

Nagoya Shironowaru is a huge Danish pastry, served with soft ice cream and maple syrup.


Actually, this yummy looking pastry puff is a speciality of the local cafe chain Komeda, which has expanded to several branches throughout Japan.
Tokyo candy lovers can experience real Nagoya coffee house culture at their branches in Mitaka and Ikebukoro or get the cute gum drop puffs there.

On package is about 100¥ and contains about 6 gummy candies. Of course, they don't look as crispy and promising as the original.

They rather resemble tiny UFOs, which seem to have been sent on secret mission from planet Pamyu Pamyu 
- but they are shaped quite cutely, with mini gummy ice cream topping and most important, they are really delicious. If you like cinnamon, vanilla and jelly beans, you can't go wrong with these. Even a hint of fresh pastry aroma is tastable - definitely recommended  


  1. hahaha it's true that they look like UFOs (´∀`) So cute!
    I've never been to Nagoya but I would like to visit it someday! Some of my friends live there (and in other cities of Aichi prefecture) (^^)

  2. Ooh I really want to try the Nagoya Shironowaru! It looks so yummy!! ^^

  3. I tagged you!!^^

    wow sieht das lecker aus*-*

  4. Wow looks really delicious! How I wish I can try~ ❤

  5. awh i think they look like UFOs too :p

  6. Danke :D
    Ja, aber es braucht ja nicht jeder zu wissen. Nur ich hoffe es wird wieder besser. Wir wohnen nicht mehr zusammen, zumindest gerade, und sonst ist es auch komischer geworden :( Ich hoffe so das es durch das Gespräch am Weekend besser wird <3

    Ich wollte mich noch entscdhuldigen, dass ich in letzter Zeit kaum zurück geantwortet haben konnte. Die zeit hat mir gefehlt und dann die Probleme mit Rex ..


  7. Da läuft einem ja das Wasser im Mund zusammen >.< Und die sehen wirklich wie UFOs aus >D

  8. Thanks a lot for commenting dears. I answered on your blogs this time ^-^y