Friday, 28 September 2012

Mini snack review ~ mini pastry gummy

~ regular series ~

Some month ago, on my trip to Nagoya (read about it here), I got this candy as kind of a substitute, because I didn't manage to try the real version 

Nagoya Shironowaru is a huge Danish pastry, served with soft ice cream and maple syrup.


Actually, this yummy looking pastry puff is a speciality of the local cafe chain Komeda, which has expanded to several branches throughout Japan.
Tokyo candy lovers can experience real Nagoya coffee house culture at their branches in Mitaka and Ikebukoro or get the cute gum drop puffs there.

On package is about 100¥ and contains about 6 gummy candies. Of course, they don't look as crispy and promising as the original.

They rather resemble tiny UFOs, which seem to have been sent on secret mission from planet Pamyu Pamyu 
- but they are shaped quite cutely, with mini gummy ice cream topping and most important, they are really delicious. If you like cinnamon, vanilla and jelly beans, you can't go wrong with these. Even a hint of fresh pastry aroma is tastable - definitely recommended  

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mini trip to Amsterdam & Liebster Award

Hi lovelies 

last week I went on a mini business trip to Amsterdam and spend a great time strolling through the picturesque city and enjoying lots of European sweets
-and do some work of cause...

beautiful Amsterdam- I'm totally able to relate to the inspiration
 the famous Dutch painters got from this amazing sky
patient Teddy accompanied me to my favourite bakery and had
fun watching me nibbling on various mini cupcakes 
when in Amsterdam, be sure to visit the "De drie Graefies" bakery
- their cakes are dangerously yummy

And while we're on the Netherlands- a while ago I got nominated for the "Liebster Award" by lovely Dutch blogger MandyAccording to the rules you have to tag eleven newbie bloggers. I checked my blogger-favies and nearly all of them received the award already *sigh*
So instead of tagging back I decided to "refurbish" my blog list. Please check it out later and take a peek at the blogs of those cute girls (not all exactly newbies, but lovely bloggers anyway...).
To not totally fail as a nominee, I'll try to answer Mandyちゃん's questions at least:

1. What is a 'must have' for your wardrobe? (all pics from the net)
- cute flats
2. Are you a morning or an evening person? What do you do then at that time?
- usually, I'm most fit in the evening. If I could choose, I'd love to work at nights more- yay for "vampire shifts"
3. Looks or personality?
- in the end personality of course
4. What is your ultimate dream?
- to be always happy, healthy and successful
5. I cannot live without?
- No.1: my darling Teddy
  No.2: sweets 
6. 3 words to describe yourself
- friends say I'm sweet-tempered, sometimes chaotic, tiny (only to friends from Europe ^-^)  
7. Favourite Lunch dish?

- oh, that's difficult, I always like to have little bits and bites of nearly everything on the menuI love   buffet-style lunch
8. Biggest regret of buying which fashion item?
4,0"-heels ~ could. not. walk. at. all. 
9. Which rides you wouldn't take in an amusement/thema park?
- anything, which is obviously scary and would make me feel sick
10. How would your ideal date look like?
-depends on the mood, but I love to re-explore my favourite parts of the city, doing some (window)shopping and relaxing in cafés
11. Fashion and Make-up must have for winter 2012-2013?
- studded Jimmy Choo booties & baby powder scented mini pet hand cream from The Face Shop
That's all for today dears- I hope you don't mind the slightly long entry and thanks for reading, as always

Saturday, 8 September 2012

That's me

Hello dears, thanks so much for your response to my previous postIt encouraged me to blog more regularly about my private life in Japan. 

Already 4 years have pasted since I moved to Tokyo for the first time... time surely flies *sighs wisely* 
- And as I can't squeeze all of my "adventures" in one post, a sequel of the previous entry and other little stories will have their place in a blog series called "diary glimpses". I hope you'll like it.

Anyways, here are some random fact about me:

I'm bleached blond (naturally ash), 5′2″ "tall" & love to dress in black and pink. For style and make up, I bravely mix goth-rock with Shibuya inspired elements 

Two of my style inspirations are Nonoka Iwata and Tsubasa Masuwaka.

I studied art and fashion in Tokyo and I'm working as make up artist for high fashion and media for now. 

"Cocoon Tower" on the left, a university building
 in Shinjuku- my school 
My darling is a Japanese boy, who studied fashion as well. We met at work, when I was still a student and jobbing.