Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Kawaii furikake - rice sprinkles

A while ago, I found this cutie for sale at Welcia, a local Japanese drug store. It's a little caster filled with "furikake", which are tiny, savory sprinkles to put on rice. They are usually made of  seaweed, soy sauce, sesame, sugar and salt- but also may be a combination of seaweed  and dried egg sprinkles ("noritama"), which seems to be most popular among children.
The "kira kira"-eyed baby seal is labeled as "pink plum-sesame-salt"-mix with tiny pink flower chips.
rice topped with "furikake", containing
 plum-flavored flower chips
There is not only a baby seal - the maker Marumiya offers 7 kawaii "furikake"-minis, which makes it at least 7 times more difficult to choose >ω< 
Marumiya's "handy nori series"


  1. Ohh, I've tried Gomashio-kun (and loved him - gomashio is my favourite) <3

  2. yes, gomashio is yummy, too. the pink one is a bit sweeter. are those available in the UK?

  3. I think two of them are, gomashio-kun and I've seen the pink bird one too (third from the right; although I haven't tried it yet) :)

  4. Ah, wie süß!
    Das wäre total was für meine Tochter. Muss ich mal schauen, ob es das hier bei uns auch irgendwo gibt ^^

    1. hi~❤ ja, Kiddies lieben diese "Furis"- müssten eigentlich in allen größeren Supermärkten oder Drug Stores zu haben sein.