Monday, 23 July 2012

Tokyo Boom ~ Collagen Supplement

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One little beauty booster is more topical than ever in Japan-

collagen is a popular ingredient in many cosmetics, creams, lotions, hairsprays and even soft drinks or cocktails. "Collagen-pimped" snacks and candies are available as well as a wide choice of supplements, which are packed very cute and promising. The ones introduced in this post are my current favies 

"Gu-pita Beautyrich"-are small, drop-shaped gums, which come in 3 flavors (lychee, blueberry, raspberry yogurt) and contain a high amount of collagen, vitamin C and "konnyaku"(jelly-like, high in dietary fiber). They are quite tasty for a supplement and recommended diet sweets.  
Meiji's "Amino Collagen Petit" taste a bit like grape sugar candy but are actually sugarless and enriched with vitamin B, C and amino acid. The petit hearts taste yummily of rose and peach- not to strong but slightly artificial.

This one, I like best: "Suppin Collagen" from Melodian- tiny cups of tasteless collagen extract, which can be mixed with any hot or cold beverage. One pack contains 5 portions, each 5ml/ 1000mg of pure collagen.

Rating: I must say, my usually very sensitive skin really improved. Since I'm nibbling the "Gu-pita"-gums on a regular basis and adding a mini dose of "Suppin Collagen" to my daily milk coffee, my skin is less irritable and more glowing ^-^

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tokyo suburb stroll

leading through Oyama city: the national route 50
Some time ago, Teddy and me visited his parent's home in Oyama, a typical Tokyo suburb and so-called "bedtown". Many commuters use the one hour lasting rail connection to Shinjuku station. The trains are always packed during rush hour >.<' 

Teddy's mom treated us yummy Japanese dishes- huge amounts of them. So we decided to went for a walk to burn some calories, where we only got tempted to buy some sweets for desert *sigh*

kawaii, dolly desserts at Baskin Robbins  
Teddy got a "Ramune Cream Fizz" at "31"
- Ramune is a popular Japanese soda
my bubble tea from "Charmy" ^ω^
Charmy~ ice cream & bubble tea store

On our way home we passed a cute mini-house, which was actually home to a real estate office.
Oyama becomes more and more popular among Tokyo families lately, who are searching for an affordable place, still in the exurban fringe.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Kawaii furikake - rice sprinkles

A while ago, I found this cutie for sale at Welcia, a local Japanese drug store. It's a little caster filled with "furikake", which are tiny, savory sprinkles to put on rice. They are usually made of  seaweed, soy sauce, sesame, sugar and salt- but also may be a combination of seaweed  and dried egg sprinkles ("noritama"), which seems to be most popular among children.
The "kira kira"-eyed baby seal is labeled as "pink plum-sesame-salt"-mix with tiny pink flower chips.
rice topped with "furikake", containing
 plum-flavored flower chips
There is not only a baby seal - the maker Marumiya offers 7 kawaii "furikake"-minis, which makes it at least 7 times more difficult to choose >ω< 
Marumiya's "handy nori series"