Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tokyo Boom ~ Body Fantasies

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Since trends in Tokyo are as fast moving as the city itself, this boom would rather be a classic: fragrance body sprays are very popular for month. The most beloved one, "Body Fantasies", can be found not only in any drugstore but also in department stores and tiny boutiques. The originally American product is available in at least 14 variations - from yummily sweet to flowery fresh (coconut, coton candy, sugar apple, sugar vanilla, rasberry... clean lavender vanilla, cucumber melon, white musk, sweet pea).
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Many famous models were raving about the colorful little bottles, doing there bit to the boom. 
popteen model Shiruku-chan loves the sweetness of 
"Cotton Candy" (popteen, april 2012) 

The fact that one flask contains only 50ml (not so much for a body spray) but seems to be excessively used by many girls and young women (speaking from experience, namely parfume-induced headaches in crowded subway cars >.<) is for sure another reason for "Body Fantasies" good sales. I couldn't resist and invested 490¥ in "Cotton Candy Fantasy" - once sprayed on, the scent is very strong and sweet but fades rather quickly - Now I'm somehow tempted to use it as lavishly as the Tokyo girls do...^ω~


  1. Those are starting to get popular in the UK, too...I wish the scents lasted longer, though (how can I carry that big bottle around in my bag to refresh it through the day?)!

  2. hi~thanks for commenting♥-the girls here don't seem to carry the bottles around either-in drugstores, samples of the most popular scents are empty all the time ^-^