Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nagoya for the boys

Nagoya Part 1

~10th may~

A few years ago, when I was still saving money for college, I used to work in a pub, in Tokyo Akasaka. During those great but slightly hurly-burly days, I made some precious friends.
One of them, H.-kun, moved to Nagoya and came to Tokyo quite often, checking on me. -And since Teddy has some friends over there as well, it was time to go - see the boys (and one lady, because I spontaneously decided to visit my dear A.-chan in Hamamatsu ^-^).
waiting before entering the train, which got cleaned at
Tokyo station

 "eki-ben" (lunch box sold at train stations) - absolutely
recommended, when riding the Shinkansen

Our hotel was located very central, directly in front of Nagoya tower. We arrived around 3pm but no time for napping (I always get kind of tired in trains ~.~). 

-tried to take a pic of Nagoya tower but got
distracted by the cute kitty add on the
building on the left >.<'
Dearest A.-chan had to work overtime suddenly, and could not come to join us >.< - So, I took the next train back to Hamamatsu, a little city between Tokyo and Nagoya, where A.-chan lives...

Stay tuned for part 2 ^0^/


  1. I just found your blog! Please keep posting lovely pictures of Japan <3 it's very nice to read it!

  2. aw~thanks for your sweet & encouraging
    comment ^ω^♥
    *leaves to take a peek at Katiちゃんs blog*