Monday, 25 June 2012

Nagoya foodies

 Nagoya Part 2

~ may 12th~

Hi lovelies, here is the second part of my Nagoya adventure. 

After my mini trip to Hamamatsu, we still had 2 days left to explore Nagoya. It's a beautiful city and differs from Tokyo in many ways. The streets are more broad in scope and during rush hour you can still stroll around relaxed. Well, there was only one tiny stress factor...

-know him?
He definitely got his hair style during a walk in Nagoya - it was quite windy there >.<' 
We escaped from the "seabreethy" weather and had lunch at Cafe Komeda (<link), a beloved Nagoya original, by now to be found all over Japan. Just when enjoying some little deep-fried mashed potato balls with sweet, dark soy-sauce, two very chatty high school girls beside us were happily gobbling down another local speciality: 

-"Shirono" is some kind of huge danish pastry topped with soft ice cream. I was slightly tempted but had already cheese cake for dessert and opted for the gum drop version.

Kameda's "Shironowaru-gumi" -review coming soon 
We had lots of yummy food during our trip, like "tebasaki"(fried)-chicken wings.
It's very peppery but you can order it less spicy.
in Nagoya they teach you 4 ways to nibble a chicken wing tidily ^-^
On our way through the station to catch the shinkansen back to Tokyo, I met my favourite queen. I know- nothing food related, but it is stated that she was a gourmet ^-~
add for the Marie Antoinette 物語展 (<link) exhibition in Nagayo 


  1. the foods looks yummy! I wanna go to Nagoya! ^^

  2. yes, you must come^ω^Nagoya is definitely worth a visit.