Monday, 25 June 2012

Nagoya foodies

 Nagoya Part 2

~ may 12th~

Hi lovelies, here is the second part of my Nagoya adventure. 

After my mini trip to Hamamatsu, we still had 2 days left to explore Nagoya. It's a beautiful city and differs from Tokyo in many ways. The streets are more broad in scope and during rush hour you can still stroll around relaxed. Well, there was only one tiny stress factor...

-know him?
He definitely got his hair style during a walk in Nagoya - it was quite windy there >.<' 
We escaped from the "seabreethy" weather and had lunch at Cafe Komeda (<link), a beloved Nagoya original, by now to be found all over Japan. Just when enjoying some little deep-fried mashed potato balls with sweet, dark soy-sauce, two very chatty high school girls beside us were happily gobbling down another local speciality: 

-"Shirono" is some kind of huge danish pastry topped with soft ice cream. I was slightly tempted but had already cheese cake for dessert and opted for the gum drop version.

Kameda's "Shironowaru-gumi" -review coming soon 
We had lots of yummy food during our trip, like "tebasaki"(fried)-chicken wings.
It's very peppery but you can order it less spicy.
in Nagoya they teach you 4 ways to nibble a chicken wing tidily ^-^
On our way through the station to catch the shinkansen back to Tokyo, I met my favourite queen. I know- nothing food related, but it is stated that she was a gourmet ^-~
add for the Marie Antoinette 物語展 (<link) exhibition in Nagayo 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tokyo Boom ~ Body Fantasies

~regular series~

Since trends in Tokyo are as fast moving as the city itself, this boom would rather be a classic: fragrance body sprays are very popular for month. The most beloved one, "Body Fantasies", can be found not only in any drugstore but also in department stores and tiny boutiques. The originally American product is available in at least 14 variations - from yummily sweet to flowery fresh (coconut, coton candy, sugar apple, sugar vanilla, rasberry... clean lavender vanilla, cucumber melon, white musk, sweet pea).
pic source:
Many famous models were raving about the colorful little bottles, doing there bit to the boom. 
popteen model Shiruku-chan loves the sweetness of 
"Cotton Candy" (popteen, april 2012) 

The fact that one flask contains only 50ml (not so much for a body spray) but seems to be excessively used by many girls and young women (speaking from experience, namely parfume-induced headaches in crowded subway cars >.<) is for sure another reason for "Body Fantasies" good sales. I couldn't resist and invested 490¥ in "Cotton Candy Fantasy" - once sprayed on, the scent is very strong and sweet but fades rather quickly - Now I'm somehow tempted to use it as lavishly as the Tokyo girls do...^ω~

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nagoya for the boys

Nagoya Part 1

~10th may~

A few years ago, when I was still saving money for college, I used to work in a pub, in Tokyo Akasaka. During those great but slightly hurly-burly days, I made some precious friends.
One of them, H.-kun, moved to Nagoya and came to Tokyo quite often, checking on me. -And since Teddy has some friends over there as well, it was time to go - see the boys (and one lady, because I spontaneously decided to visit my dear A.-chan in Hamamatsu ^-^).
waiting before entering the train, which got cleaned at
Tokyo station

 "eki-ben" (lunch box sold at train stations) - absolutely
recommended, when riding the Shinkansen

Our hotel was located very central, directly in front of Nagoya tower. We arrived around 3pm but no time for napping (I always get kind of tired in trains ~.~). 

-tried to take a pic of Nagoya tower but got
distracted by the cute kitty add on the
building on the left >.<'
Dearest A.-chan had to work overtime suddenly, and could not come to join us >.< - So, I took the next train back to Hamamatsu, a little city between Tokyo and Nagoya, where A.-chan lives...

Stay tuned for part 2 ^0^/

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shibuya - busy as usual

~april 13th~

busy, busy Shibuya crossing 
Shibuya is still one of my favourite places in Tokyo. Despite feeling like a tiny ant within the urban crowd, it's a great place for people watching, shopping and dining out.

donki mascot, reminded me of Europe
 in this add ^-^
 Of course I went to 1o9 and, again, donki. It's just a perfect little Japanese shopping cosmos, where you'll find anything from make up to interior. As some of you might know, they have a cute mascot, a blue penguin. 

yummy and not too spicy Korean dishes at "Spicy Spicy"

I sometimes missed Asian dramas in Germany and became slightly addicted to Korean series, where they kind of always eat Ddeokbokki (stir fried rice cakes)- Which is the reason for my Korean food graving lately and the reason for our diner at "Spicy Spicy", a tiny but very recommended Korean restaurant in Shibuya. A yummy way to end the day ^-^

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tokyo Rainy Days

~april 11th~

Hello, my lovelies ^0^ I'm sorry, for blogging so late- I know, you've been waiting for an update...
Therefore, the posts will be a bit old - I hope you don't mind >.<
Tokyo hasn't changed that much, since my return to Germany about 2 years ago. It just felt like coming home.
During the first few days, Teddy and me stayed in the most gorgeous hotel- which was part of my birthday present ^-^
"room with a view"- before the rain. I felt a bit like Scarlett Johansson 
- And it was pouring, like usually on my b-day *sob*. So, we went shopping underground in the area around Shinjuku donki, lumine est & alta (all popular department stores in Tokyo). 

We arrived just in time to enjoy the last little cherry blossoms accompanied by the seasonal cherry blossom goodies.
sakura latte at "doutor"
Leaving you with another pic for the yum yum-factor ^-^
sakura sweets at my favourite "bittersweet" buffet in
Shinjuku/ Lumine Est. you receive little keys with your table number.